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Updated 24 th – Dec -2013



Santa’s runway in front of his hut has had a fresh covering of snow !
Image courtesy – Wikimedia Commons


Hello again folks, last update and as the last time I updated – Santa’s almost here but will conditions be right so that he can land his sledge safely on our roof tops ? Well I can’t guarantee that all our roof tops will have a covering of snow over Xmas but the good news for all the kids that have been good, is that he has emergency wheels on his sledge so if there is no covering of snow, it will not affect his rounds too much and also, his runway in Lapland has had a good fresh covering of snow today soRudolf, Santa and rest of the reindeers should have no problem getting there heavy load up in the air !

White Xmas chance is confined to inland Scotland.

Merry Xmas all !



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White Xmas 2013 = 0 % chance for W, SW, S. Midlands, E & SE / 0% chance for NW, N, N+E &N Midlands.
White Xmas = 00% % chance for SW / 0 % for  Wales / 10% chance for West Scotland, 10% chance for E. Scotland. / 50% for Inland Scotland. / 0 % for E & N Midlands / 0% chance for  N, E & SE England (especially coastal counties)  / 0% chance for W. Midlands. 20 % chance for NW England/ 0% chance for the inland SE & S. Midlands